Thank You!


For an unbelievable season. For choosing us as your local snowboard shop. For supporting our little family business, 35 years strong. 

 It was an up and down season, that's for sure. We started with a bang and rode the roller coaster the entire way. But one thing was constant throughout all of it: you. Your support - whether it was buying a new setup or just stopping in to give us a high-5 after an awesome day on hill - keeps these wheels turning.

 It's not easy running a winter-based recreational specialty shop, especially in an era where our fiercest, most unrelenting competitor is the device we're typing this message on. Through the 35 years, we've dealt with bad winters and bad economies and climate uncertainty and everything else fate has tried to throw at us. We can now add global pandemic to that list. 

 Because of your support, our little snowboard-only shop remains. For that, we cannot thank you enough. This season we spread the stoke, celebrated the life of a snowboard titan, raised enough money to sponsor a service dog for a veteran, threw an absolute BANGER of a party on Sunday, March 1st and, in our eyes, helped keep the snowboard vibe humming in WNY and beyond. 

We're closing for the season, and this time of year is always bittersweet. It's even more so now because we couldn't close on our terms. It's the right decision. As we say goodbye, we want you to first and foremost take care of you and yours during this time of unprecedented crisis. After that, have a hell of a good summer. When the quarantine is lifted and we return to normalcy, please spend your money locally - small businesses will need you now more than ever.

 We'll see you in the Fall. Thank you for standing sideways with us, always.