Salomon Women's No Drama Snowboard 2022

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Product Overview

Salomon Women's No Drama Snowboard 2022

Free of drama and full of style for all your jump and jib needs.

Built in mind for any level of park performance from dance floor jibbers to riders like Maddie Mastro. The No Drama comes equipped with Quad Camber and Popster for maximum lift off jumps, side hits, and pipe walls, while our EQ Rad sidecut keeps this board playful and forgiving on your way to the park and tracking into rails.


Quad Camber allows for arched carves and premium stability with mellower camber between the feet for playfulness and a more aggressive load outside for classic camber control.


Popster Core and Slingshot sidewalls allow your board to flex naturally and snap reactively, all while providing a damp ride underfoot.


EQ rad sidecut redistributes edge pressure along the entire edge, giving you more maneuverability and a forgiving ride.

Key Features

  • Flex: Responsiveness
  • Intermediate | Intermediate/Advanced
  • True Twin
  • Widths: Regular
  • Playfullness: 5/6
  • Precision: 5/6
  • Responsiveness/Pop: 5/6
  • Park & Freestyle

Quad Camber: The aggressive characteristics of camber blended with rocker on the tip and tail to make the board playful and agile in pow. Quad Camber built with a blend of different radiuses and is more forgiving than a regular camber but maintains the reactivity and pop.

EQ Rad: Equalizer straight lines and Radial lines blended together for the perfect balance of agility and fun.

Popster: Shaped woodcore profile with strategically placed variation of thickness. It maximizes the natural snap and powerful pop of wood. Feels like your skateboard kicktail finally connected with your snowboard.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review