Daily Ski & Snowboard Rentals

Heading to Ellicottville? Stop by and see us for Ski & Snowboard Rentals. We're just around the corner from Holiday Valley and a few miles from HoliMont.  


Seasonal Ski & Snowboard Rentals 

Growing kids? No problem. Unless you want to stop feeding your kids, they're going to keep growing. Between the costs of ski club, accessories and everything else with getting on the hill, you don't need to worry about outgrowing equipment when you pick up a seasonal ski or snowboard rental.   



Demo Program

Buying a snowboard is a process. With so many different options, you want to get on the one that's perfect for you. With The Boardroom being an area shop -- i.e., we're close to the resort -- we have a huge demo fleet for you to come try stuff before you buy it. We represent the industry's best brands in our demo fleet, and almost everything on our sales floor we have in demo (Boots excluded).