COVID-19 Procedures

We're changing procedures this year to keep you, and us, safe. Thank you for understanding our new normal, and your patience as we navigate a pandemic retail setting!


Please enter the building through the door on the right. Masks on!




You'll be greeted by a SafeSpace facial and temperature scanner. Please stand in front of it and allow it to read your temperature/ensure you're wearing a mask. After that, please stop by our hand sanitizer station.

*If your temperature reads above normal, we ask that you do not come any further into the store*




We've set up arrows on the floor for you to follow. There is an additional hand sanitizer station located after the spinning racks of gloves/mitts. Please sanitize before trying any product on. (Or before petting one of our friendly beagles. Here is Chief)




Please practice social distancing whenever possible.




When you're ready to check out, please stand by the yellow floor sign and wait until you're called to checkout. 




We've set up a plexiglass shield between you and us at the front counter. (It's so clean, this is the only good shot we could get)




Please EXIT the building through the door on the right, under "Exit."