Men's Salomon Sight Snowboard 2022

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Product Overview

Men's Salomon Sight Snowboard 2022

Seamless transition from groomers to the deep-stuff.

The Sight features a Cross Profile; Rocker and camber blend a perfect balance of edge control and forgiveness. The Aspen Strong Core brings this board above average with extra snap off jumps and heightened responsiveness while carving.


Cross Profile puts camber between the feet for better control, pop, and landings. While the rocker on tip/tail keeps the board afloat on fresh snow. 


Quadratic Sidecut blends elliptic curves for easy turn initiation, and fluid edge to edge transitions. 


2mm Rubber blocks inserted into the high-pressure zones of the ABS Sidewalls dampen vibrations and reduce fatigue in all snow conditions 

Key Features

  • Flex: Medium
  • Beginner | Intermediate
  • Directional Twin
  • Widths: Regular and Wide
  • Playfullness: 4/6
  • Precision: 4/6
  • Responsiveness/Pop: 3/6
  • All-Mountain/Powder

Directional twin: A twin shape for freestyle moves with a directional flex for power at high-speed. Binding stance is set back from center slightly.

Cross Profile: Camber between the feet for better control, pop and landing stability. Rocker on tip & tail for effortless floatation forward and switch.

Aspen Strong: CNC-selected high-density wood strips for the inserts and rail zones results in improved impact resistance and a predictable flex from opening day to spring slush.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review