Daily Rentals

Daily Ski & Snowboard Rentals

We are offering rentals at par (cash only) for Canadian Friendship Week! 

Heading to Ellicottville? Stop by and see us for Ski & Snowboard Rentals. We're just around the corner from Holiday Valley and a few miles from HoliMont.  

While we consider ourselves one of the best snowboard shops on the east coast, did you know that The Boardroom got its start as a ski rental business? In 1984, Mike and Jodie opened Barnyard Ski Rental -- and to this day, we continue to provide the same level of quality rental equipment, service and convenience. If you're coming to Ellicottville to go skiing/snowboarding at Holiday Valley or HoliMont, avoid the hassle of renting at the resorts and come see us. 


We take great pride in providing quality rental equipment. There are a lot of variables when it comes to a ski/snowboard trip -- weather, money, lodging, screaming kids -- and we're of the attitude that renting equipment shouldn't be one of them. All of our ski equipment comes from Salomon, one of the most trusted brands in the game. Offering junior, adult and high-performance ski rentals, we try and update 1/3 of our fleet every season, meaning you're going to be using equipment that's new, clean and has all of the latest tech. For our snowboard rentals, we use Burton and Salomon snowboards with Burton and Salomon boots. Just like with the skis, we bring in new equipment every year to keep our fleet fresh. To ensure it doesn't feel like you've got velcro attached to the bottom, we fully tune every piece of rental equipment multiple times a season. 

Our equipment is:

  • Tuned and serviced regularly 
  • Updated every season 
  • Snowboard boots come standard with BOA, a patented twist-to-tighten system
  • Great for beginners and intermediate skiers and riders





Renting ski & snowboard equipment is a major part of the process of any ski/snowboard trip -- let's have some fun with it! Too often, a rental business will treat you like cattle. Shuffle you in, throw a pair of boots at you, take your money and send you on your way. Not us. We consider ourselves "The People's Choice," and we don't take that namesake lightly. Conversation and handshakes remain an integral part of our business, and we want to develop a relationship with you, all the while making the rental process go as smoothly as possible. It's your vacation! We're here to make sure you'll have the best time possible. That means a proper boot fitting, correctly sizing the skis/snowboards for your height/weight/ability level, and scheduling leniency. Disclaimer: If you come in wearing gear of a sports team we don't like, you are going to get some grief. (Looking at you, Maple Leaf fans)





As an independent business, we have the ability to bend the rules and tailor the rental as we see fit. Not sure if you want to ski or snowboard for one day or two? No problem. Keep them as long as you'd like, and we'll settle up when you bring them back. Paid for a 3-day but only kept them for two? You're getting some money back to you. Again, we want this process to be as easy on you as possible. Chances are high there will always be a parking spot for you (except on super busy days - then it gets to be kind of a tire fire in the parking lot), and most times, you'll be in and out within 15 minutes. 


  Adult Junior Demo
1 Day $37 $30 $45
2 Day $70 $56 $85
3 Day $92 $78 $125
4 Day $112 $98 $140
5 Day $132 $108 $165



Weekend Rate

 Friday Anytime - Sunday 6:00 

Adult - $80 | with helmet - $100

Junior - $66 | with helmet - $86

Demo - $95 | with helmet - $115 



Clothing Rental: Pants $15 per day, Jackets $20 per day, Combo $30 per day




Demo Program 

Want to test ride a board before you buy? We've got almost every board we sell in retail in our demo fleet. For $45, you can try as many boards as you'd like. If you end up loving it (and needing one) we'll apply that $45 to the cost of the board. You've got to buy it that day and the board must be full price. Now offering Burton Step On for demo.








The Process

Things are going to look a little different this season. If you'd like to reserve your rentals online or have us bring them out to you, please don't hesitate to call us or fill out a contact form. We'll need names, ages, height/weight/shoe size, ability level, ski or snowboard and duration of your trip. 


Come in and get your temperature taken and sanitize your hands, (you will ALWAYS be greeted by someone, or a beagle) and head into the rental room. Please wear your mask at all times. If there's anyone in your party that is NOT renting, please ask them to stay in the car or out of the rental room. 

Fill out a rental form - small ones are for singles, larger ones (can fit 3) for families/multiples

Try some boots on

Converse with the guys as they fit your boots/skis/snowboards

Try a helmet, pant or jacket on (we rent helmets and clothing as well) 

Tell us your schedule 

Take your rental equipment out to the car 

Come back in, shop for whatever else you might need

Pay for said items/rentals 

Have the best time on your trip!