The Jones Stratos

Posted by The Boardroom on 11th Jan 2021

The Jones Stratos

The Jones Stratos

Redefining the all-mountain directional snowboard

At first glance, the Jones Stratos looks like the ideal snowboard to have if you resided in a place with 3,000+ feet of vertical and ample amounts of powder. With its spoon bevel in both the nose and tail and its 3D Contour Base, which makes your turns smoother and more effortless by reducing the overall drag of the boards tips, this board just looks like it is at home in the powder. But when you do a deeper dive into the makeup of this all-mountain driver, you’ll quickly learn that this board checks a lot of different boxes, many of which will suit your needs for a fun, everyday driver just perfectly.

The Stratos is an exceptionally playful board that has a flex pattern that is softer than you would initially think, which means you’ll be able to bend the board pretty easily. That, along with its narrow sidecut, will give you the ability to make quick, snappy turns with ease.

Its directional rocker profile, along with the Jones Traction Tech 3.0 (three bumps per edge that allow for better grip on firmer conditions) keep the board locked into the snow as you accelerate into turns and Basalt stringers throughout the board add torsional response and reduce chatter when you’re on rougher terrain.

The white to dark blue gradient on the top sheet is graphically simplistic but in a very clean and visually appealing way that also highlights the iconic Jones mountain logo.

With so many specialty boards out there in the marketplace, the Stratos is a great option for someone looking to do a little bit of everything…and do it well. Plus, it’s unique shape and clean design are sure to turn some heads at your local resort; whether you’re just standing in the lift line or blasting through trench-digging turns.

Finally, for those of you who enjoy a good sustainability story, the Stratos is constructed with Bio Resin instead of the standard petroleum-based epoxy and it features an Ultra wood core from trees that have been sustainably sourced and harvested.

If you’re in town, stop by the shop and check it out in person. If you’re already sold on it and not in the area, you can buy it here and we’ll gladly ship it to you.