The Importance of a Good Helmet

Posted by Dash on 23rd Nov 2020

The Importance of a Good Helmet

The Importance of a Good Helmet

There are just some things in life that you cannot (or should not) put a price on. When it comes to snowboarding and skiing there are two pieces of gear that you should prioritize above all else when it comes to budget allocation. The first is boots. If you don’t have a comfortable pair of boots, you’re not going to have a fun time out on the slopes. It really is that easy. Good boots = good times!

The other piece of gear that everyone should own and feel good about spending money on is a good helmet. It’s 2020, gone are the days where helmets aren’t (1) cool, (2) comfortable, (3) warm. Whatever excuse you’ve heard about not wearing a helmet is just no longer legit. The reality is that more often than not, a good helmet is warmer than any winter hat you can find and will fit your head so comfortably that even the pickiest of children won’t be able to throw a fit about it.

Here at The Boardroom, we carry a fantastic select of winter helmet brands. The helmets we have from Smith, Giro, Anon and Oakley are some of the most tried-and-true options out there. Every helmet in the shop features MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system), which is engineered to help protect your brain from injury due to a crash or unexpected impact*.

Learn more about MIPS here:

When we fall on the slopes, we tend to crash at an angle, which creates rotational motion and science has shown that our brains are very sensitive to rotational forces. In an angled impact, these forces may transfer to your brain, which can cause severe injuries. MIPS can reduce the rotational motion and reduce the risk of brain damage.

There really is a lot to consider when purchasing a helmet. It’s not all about just how you look in it (but let’s face it, that’s important too). Below are a few recommendations that you can find at The Boardroom and some justification as to why you should consider them for your next go-to helmet!

Women’s - All the Bells and Whistles: The Giro Envi is a lightweight helmet that does not hold back when it comes to features. You’ll be able to make turns all day long without feeling the weight of this helmet. When things start to heat up, you can control your temperature with the Thermostat Control and Stack Ventilation. The Envi also features MIPS Spherical technology, which aids in the reduction of rotational energy during certain impacts for an additional level of confidence. Plus, you'll stay extra comfortable thanks to its Plush Max fleece that dries quickly and provides a super-soft feel.

Men’s - All the Bells and Whistles: The Giro Grid is a fan favorite in the shop due to its light weight, MIPS Spherical technology, superior ventilation and a low profile that allows for great protection without looking like a bobblehead doll. Plus its Polartec® lining dries fast and provides a ton of breathability.

Terrain Park Helmet: The Oakley Mod 1 (in store only) is a lightweight, low-profile design that was inspired by a classic skate-style helmet. It’s BOA® 360 FIT SYSTEM gives you a fine-tuned fit that won’t disappoint and it’s Fixed Ventilation allows hot air to escape through the top of the helmet.

A Truly Burton Experience: From the makers of the snowboard brand that helped start it all, The Anon Prime is a hybrid shell design that combines hardshell durability with the lightweight feel of in-mold construction for a helmet that is incredibly light and tough. The 360° BOA® Fit System offers quick, micro-adjustable fit with the turn of a dial. Adjustable ventilation gives you one-handed control over all 23 vents, so you can fine tune your temperature however you prefer.

Pro Tip: Couple your Anon Prime Helmet with Anon goggles for a seamless fit

Tried and True: Smith has been making the Vantage for a number of years now and it’s definitely a fan-favorite. If you are partial to Smith goggles, you will love the symbiotic fit of your goggles with this helmet. Zonal Koroyd™ complements MIPS® for energy-absorbing impact protection to give you confidence while exploring in or out of bounds. The hybrid shell enhances day-to-day durability and includes a full 21 vents with dual adjustability that lets you fine-tune airflow to meet the conditions. As for fit, The Vantage uses the BOA® 360 Fit System for the ability to micro-adjust the size around your whole head with the turn of dial.

*Wearing a helmet does not make you invincible or guarantee that you will not get hurt if you fall and hit your head. But it’s still better to be safe than sorry.