See You Friday.

Posted by ST on 28th Aug 2021

See You Friday.

A lot has changed since 1984, and we've come a long way sinceBarnyard Ski Rental. There's been a couple of logos, a couple of beagles and a whole lot of fun.

What hasn't changed? Us. This family-run, rider owned & operated snowboard shop remains hellbent on making sure you have the absolute best time whenever - and wherever - you step on snow. There is nothing we'd rather do.

Last season presented a challenge we never thought we'd have to deal with. The masks, and distancing, and limited capacity .. we felt like any moment, things were about to go sideways. Except they didn't.

You showed up. The fierce loyalty and unwavering passion showed to your local mom & pop kept us going. Not just financially, but emotionally.Last season's vibe just hit different.

But enough looking at the past.Let's look forward.

We feel like we're on the cusp of something special with snowboarding. A seemingly endless stream of newcomers, the absolute best tech we've ever had and legions of riders young and old continuing to push us further. The future has never looked brighter. We're here for it.

We're called "The People's Choice" for a reason. We're here for the people, and we're here with open arms.From the experts to the Day 1s, consider us your sanctuary. We cast no judgment, instead vying to build a community where everyone is stoked.

Year 37, and it's all thanks to you.We're just here to keep you

standing sideways.

See you on Friday.