A Day for Jake

Posted by Dash on 12th Mar 2021

A Day for Jake


One Rider with a Vision, Changed the World Forever

The year was 1977 and inside a barn in Vermont, Jake Burton Carpenter founded Burton Snowboards and set forth on a lifelong journey that eventually made him a pioneer in the snowsports industry. Whether he meant to or not, he transformed multiple generations of riders, upended an industry and ultimately gave snowboarding its soul.

Sure, there were other pioneers in the snowboard game and their contributions should never be overlooked but Jake’s influence is arguably the longest lasting and most impactful. His unwavering creativity and drive helped set the tone for the rebellious counterculture that snowboarding would eventually be known for. Unlike skiing in the 70’s and 80’s, there was no “right” way to snowboard. Snowboarding was about self expression and surfing the mountain in whatever way felt best to you.

If not for the vision of Jake, there is a very good chance that the Boardroom wouldn't exist as it does. Hard work, long hours, sacrifice and pure determination have all factored in to the longevity of The Boardroom (37 years and counting) but the truth is, without Jake snowboarding — and our store — wouldn’t be what it is.

On March 13th, go out and have as much fun as possible on A Day for Jake. This worldwide recognition is meant to celebrate Jake’s legacy. The goal is to have fun and be as creative as possible. Whether you boot up and make some turns, go for a hike, skate, surf or just wax your board, please join us and showcase your passion for the great outdoors and for snowboarding. Share your adventure with #RideOnJake and tag @boardroomeville. We look forward to seeing how you pay tribute to the man, the myth, the legend…Jake Burton Carpenter.

Stop in the store this weekend for your Jake sticker packs and look for the #RideOnJake banner at Holiday Valley this weekend. Share your snowboarding with us on Instagram with #RideOnJake and tag @boardroomeville. We look forward to seeing how you pay tribute.